Performance Breathing®

By PJ Nestler | Tue Nov 08 2016


XPT Performance Breathing combines ancient practices with new age science to create a unique breathing program that can enhance performance across a wide spectrum of activities. From professional athletes, elite military units and high-powered executives, to young children, elderly and those suffering from chronic disease. XPT Performance Breathing can set the foundation for massive progress in all aspects of one’s life.

Breathing influences every system and function within the body. When left unchecked this can lead to chronic health disorders, sleep disturbance, and negatively impact exercise performance. However, when breathing is optimized, we can drastically improve our cognitive function, fitness, health and longevity. Breathing can act as the doorway to a calm, relaxed mental state and can be used to control fear, anxiety, anger and stress while promoting restful sleep. Through correct breathing habits, new levels of health, performance, fitness and wellness can be realized, for any application or activity.


XPT Performance Breathing® originally started through the exploration of legendary big wave surfer, pioneer, and XPT Founder, Laird Hamilton. In an effort to improve his breath hold capabilities and to stay relaxed and calm when held under giant waves, Laird began the ancient Polynesian practice of carrying heavy stones underwater. This evolved into the exploration of breath holding and breathing practices on dry-land with influence from dozens of methods and teachers. XPT searched the world for a breathing expert to validate and manipulate various techniques.  We are honored to have world renowned breathing expert Patrick McKeown as our breathing advisor. Without the mastery skills of curriculum and program director PJ Nestler, XPT Performance Breathing would not be what it is today. PJ has systemized XPT’s Performance Breathing into tools that can be applied at specific times to obtain the desired results. We’ve categorized these breathing protocols into 5 sections: Activate, Control, Explore, Perform, and Reset.


Activate methods are intended to focus the mind while bringing energy to the body to prepare for a major meeting, competition, training session or to simply set the foundation for a productive day. These protocols can also be used as a warm up to prepare the respiratory system for an upcoming workout.


Designed to teach and develop technical proficiency in breathing mechanics and create breathing variability enhancing lung capacity, function, power and breath control. Mastery of these skills will unlock new possibilities in health and performance.


Journey through a variety of breathing techniques while exploring the full spectrum of breathwork practices. These guided sessions will stimulate energy, emotional regulation and spiritual connection through high intensity patterns and use low intensity protocols to promote calm, relaxation and deep meditative states.


Perform methods were designed to be used during training to stabilize the spine and create proper movement mechanics, boost recovery between bouts of intense exercise and improve overall exercise performance. These methods can be used as a stand-alone workout to strengthen the respiratory muscles, train the focus of the mind and improve CO2 tolerance for enhanced habitual breathing. 


Reset methods are designed specifically to create feelings of calm relaxation and promote recovery in the body. These can be used to down-regulate after an intense workout, to calm down during times of stress, anger or anxiety, or before bed to foster deep, restful sleep.


The research on using breath-work to enhance physical and mental health and performance goes back decades and has been curated by XPT Breathing Advisors and human performance experts to find the most effective methods for every situation. Research has shown breathing to influence all of the major benefits below.

  • Enhanced sport and fitness performance

  • Develop respiratory muscle strength

  • Lower risk of chronic disease

  • Learn to control and mitigate stress

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Increase energy, mental focus and clarity

  • Improve posture and forward head position

  • Protect spine and decrease injury risk

  • Increase mobility and flexibility

  • Control emotional states

  • Improve breathing mechanics

 XPT Performance Breathing offers additional programs for the Elite Athletes, Military and First Responders designed specifically to:

+ Enhance oxygen carrying capabilities in the blood

+Improve breathing mechanical efficiency

+Increase respiratory muscle strength

+Enhance post workout recovery

+Reduce performance anxiety

+Enhance mental focus & clarity

+Control stress and emotional and arousal states

+Lower breathing demand to improve air tank usage

+Stimulate restful states outside of work to reduce overtraining

Want to explore XPT Breathing? We have many ways…

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