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PJ Nestler’s XPT Hawaii Experience Beach Workout

Ever wonder what really goes on at an XPT Experience?  Well, here’s your chance!  We’re giving you a sneak peek into one of the main portions of any Experience – the beach workout, for you to try on your own.  Below you will find a step-by-step guide to what the XPT Experience attendees went through on the beaches of Hawaii this December, as taught by our Director of Performance, PJ Nestler.

Yes, the beaches of Hawaii are amazingly beautiful, but the XPT Experience attendees were not there that morning to take in the surrounding majestic mountains, deep white, soft sand beneath their toes or the mesmerizing ocean spray or the smell of tropical flowers all around.  They were there to WORK!  And PJ made them do just that.

Check out Coach PJ Nestler’s Hawaii beach workout below and follow along to experience exactly what the crew went through on the beaches of Hawaii just a few weeks ago.  This is a unique opportunity to train exactly how the members of the XPT Experience did, without having to be there.  Be sure to take advantage of it and let us know how it went below!

PJ’s Hawaii Beach Workout

This workout is best done with a partner, for support and motivation, but also to time your rest. One person performs the exercises, then rests while your partner goes, and switch back and forth like that each round. If you are performing solo, time how long each interval takes, and give yourself equal amount of time to rest before starting the next interval.

Warmup 1 – Performance Breathing

Get your body warm prior to the workout by doing a performance breathing routine. (10-20 minutes)

Warmup 2 – Light Movement

Mark off 20 yards. Begin with 1 set of each of the following there and back. This warm-up should be performed breathing through your nose only:


High Knee Skips

Power Skips for Height

Running High Knees

Side Shuffle


Lunge and twist


The next section is done stationary, still breathing through the nose only:

Pushups x 10

Alternating Side Lunges x 10

Burpee & Stick (land soft and hold each landing in a squat position) x 5

Bear Position- Arm and leg lifts x 10

Bear Crawl- Forward & Backward x 6 steps each (slow and controlled to learn positions)

The Workout

Mark off approximately 25 yards (slightly uphill and on the sand like we did is bonus points!)

Perform the following exercises for 12-15 minutes completing as many rounds as possible WITH GOOD POSTURE AND POSITIONS. It’s important to remember that we are using movement to challenge positions and breathing capacity under fatigue, so quality of movement and control of the breath is the priority here. Poor quality reps will bring poor quality results.

10 Burpees- sprint to the marker (the ocean line for us) & Bear crawl back

*Rest while your partner performs the same interval (slow your breathing)

10 Pushups- sprint to the marker & sprint back

*Rest while your partner performs the same interval (slow your breathing)

10 Alternating Lateral Lunges- sprint to the marker & bear crawl OR sprint back

*Rest while your partner performs the same interval (slow your breathing)

Repeat starting back at the top with 10 Burpees.

Focus on slowing your breathing to recover while your partner works…or get in a good stretch like Mr. Ben Greenfield.

Complete as many GOOD QUALITY rounds as possible during the 12-15 minute time interval.
Bear Crawls are under rated…
When you are done, bring yourself back to a calm, controlled state for active recovery by performing some post workout breathing for 3-5 minutes. Then reward yourself by relaxing and taking time to reflect!

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