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Power Down Early

What’s the last thing you do everyday?

Not too long ago, ‘turning out the lights’ might have been the expected answer.  But nowadays, bedside lamps don’t hold a candle to PED’s (personal electronic devices).  Many of us have televisions in our bedrooms – not to mention smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops in our beds.  We shut down our screens just before shutting our eyes.

So, this week at XPT we are powering down early and leaving at least 15 minutes of screen-free non-electronic time before calling it a night.  Do a bit of light stretching, practice your breathing techniques, meditate – any relaxing activity that doesn’t require an on/off switch.  You’ll give your eyes and your mind a much-needed end-of-the-day hiatus.  You might even fall asleep faster and rest more soundly, too.

Let us know how you plan to fill the tech-free space in a comment and enjoy the unplug!

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