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Stand Up Paddle

Stand-up paddle has fast become one of the most popular outdoor activities in the U.S. and around the world. And not surprisingly so.
If you haven’t heard, when Laird and Gabby met in ’96, they lived in different states; Gabby in California, Laird in Hawaii. They agreed to split their time in each place.
While they lived in California (Malibu) from April-October Laird would entertain himself in the ocean without those ‘big waves’. Because Laird is part fish he still needed to spend every day in the ocean water. Swells are not freuqent in California so Laird would do short board surf, prone paddling, kite boarding, kyaking, body surfing but all of these grew uninspiring. Long story short he along with friend Dave kalama explored building paddles that would accomodate one if they stood on a board with no waves to propel them. A new ocean activity arose and Laird was off each day stand up paddling all up and down the pacific ocean from Malibu to Santa Monica and back. People would pull their cars over and try to figure out what that was out in the ocean. Shortly after … the evoluation of stand up began.


One of many reasons our experiences are different is the addition of a stand up paddle session. Laird is adamant everyone should experience the joy of ‘standing’ on water. There is something magical about being on top of water, it’s a whole other perspective. It can be a great physical workout, but it turns into much more. How do we begin to explain just how special an XPT sup session can be for a stand up paddle fan? Let us try:

1) You get to paddle with the guy who brought sup mainstream (Laird)
2) You get to stand up paddle in some of the most beautiful places in the world
3) It’s never NOT fun to be out in nature doing something different (in good conditions)
4) You are surrounded by people who want to have as much fun as you do
5) You are surrounded by some of the best waterman in the world
6) You can be a total beginner or sup racer, your level does not matter


Ironiclly our SUP sessions are not ‘workouts’. Though they my feel like it to beginners, they are just sessions that fall under our ‘nature training’ philosophy for XPT. Get outside, get out of the gym once in awhile, do something that involves fresh air. Yes standup paddling is considered a fitness workout to the masses, and routines certainly can be designed for such but for us we include it for the commraderie, for the nature connection, for our hapiness. It’s pure fun. Plus you get to drink coconuts right after. I mean what could be better than that??


You don’t HAVE to do anything at an experience. You are always encouraged to go at your own pace, lift your own preference of weight, and even step out of any activity if you don’t feel comfortable.
You can stand on the beach with our staff and take in the view, go for a walk if you prefer to skip an sup session. *Here is a true story for you. One of our recent particpants had signed up and was super excited to attend but a few weeks before she asked if she HAD to do the sup session as she really didn’t want to. We explained the above and she felt way better, her anxiety about it subsided. Fast forward to the day of the experience / sup session and who is one of the first to grab her board? ‘She’ was. She tackled her fears, felt so much support from the group she had just met and gone through a day of XPT with and decided to go for it. She was all smiles and had a great time. ‘She’ is 6 feet of sunshine as they say – Mrs. Keri Walsh Jennings.


Chief: Jeff Sweet
Wingman: Chcuk Glynn
Support: Gene Smith, Kurt Simpson, Mitch, Sam George, Travis


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