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Coming this Winter

Some of the strongest minds and bodies in sport, fitness and science have come together to combine their skills and expertise to create a unique 360-degree lifestyle program based on nature’s core Breathe, Move, Recover pillars. In an effort to maximize education and share our systemized XPT program to communities worldwide, Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece, Kelly Starrett, Dr. Andy Galpin, Patrick McKeown, and PJ Nestler have developed a structured curriculum empowering those looking to lead the charge in this new approach to health and fitness.

Establish your coaching expertise through the XPT Coaching Certification program, developed to fit within a progressive and ever evolving system of adaptation, stress, and exploration to create powerful physiological and psychological changes within the human body.


The XPT Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach is a consummate professional and representative of one who seeks the most primitive and powerful methods to enhance human performance, while exemplifying the embodiment of the XPT ideology.

The XPT certification program will expose you to all of the foundational methods of XPT and arm you with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement a variety of training strategies and powerful methods of XPT, such as our exclusive Performance Breathing® program, our dynamic set of movement techniques like mobility and pool training, and our recovery mechanisms rooted within the XPT system.

The versatility of the XPT Coaching Certification makes it an effective add-on to an extensive list of training services as well as an avenue for you to create new service offerings to diversify your revenue streams and maximize your impact as a coach.

•    XPT Performance Breathing | Classes or Small Group Sessions
•    XPT Movement | Training in the Gym or in Nature
•    XPT Water | Training Sessions, Shallow -> Deep
•    XPT Ice-Heat | Group Sessions
•    XPT Workshops | Individual or Combined

XPT Certified Coaches are vital to members of our team, and will be ambassadors of the XPT Methodology. Ambassadors who help us to spread our message and impact people around the world through in-person and online training, group classes and even educational workshops that teach the XPT principles, hosted by you through our XPT Website.

COACHING DATABASE | Becoming an XPT coach qualifies you to be enrolled in our coaching database showcasing you as a vital team member.
WORKSHOP MARKETING | We will list/feature your workshops on our platforms to help you drive signups.
DISCOUNTS | Coaches will receive discounts on products, apparel, and more.


* In order to qualify for the XPT Coaching Cert, applicants must hold a current certification in strength & conditioning, personal training, or similar field from one of these recognized organizations:  NSCA, ACSM, NASM, NCCPT, Crossfit Level1, SCCCa, ISSA, AFPA, ACE

Below is an outline of what you can expect to learn and master during the XPT Coaching Certification 3-day course.

Day 1- Breathe
•    The Science of Breath
•    Breathing Assessment & Dysfunctional Breathing
•    Breathing for Performance
•    Breathing during Exercise
•    Breathing as Meditation
•    Breathing Techniques

Day 2- Move & Recover
•    Movement Assessment
•    Athletic Based Movement
•    Primal Movements
•    Movement Programming
•    Thermoregulation and Heat/Cold Exposure

Day 3- Water Training
•    XPT Water Methodology
•    Shallow Water Exercises
•    Shallow Water Programming

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GYMS | Have a large group of trainers you want to get certified for your gym? Email us at to hear about group discounts.


Certified coaches will be eligible to take their XPT education and training even further.
Details will be provided at each certification.

XPT Breathe Level 2
XPT Water Level 2
XPT Move Level 2



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