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The 411 on Interval Training

All cardiovascular exercise is the same, right? Not true, according to our fitness experts. The truth is the type of cardio exercise, the muscle fibers you recruit, the equipment you choose, your duration and heart rate all matter if you want to achieve the best results possible. Your time is precious; spend it wisely and make each minute of your workout count!

If you currently are not incorporating interval training into your routine at least once a week, you may be seriously slowing down your progress. The experts at XPTLIFE want you to understand the powerful benefits of interval training and how to work it into your exercise plan today! Please note, interval training is intense and should not be taken lightly. Always check with your physician before beginning any new exercise.

What is Interval Training?
Interval training is a method of exercise in which you spike and recover the heart rate in measured intervals for a short period of time. This intense activity recruits your fast twitch muscle fibers and burns sugar, to sky rocket your results and shock your body into change!

How Do I Perform Interval Training?
The key with interval training is to remember to keep it short and sweet!

Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes with a brisk jog or walk.

The next 30 minutes should consist of 30-60 seconds of a full sprint or a movement of your choice, followed by 60-120 seconds of recovery (make sure to allow your heart rate to come down and recover fully).

Repeat the same protocol for a total of 30 minutes

Interval training should only be incorporated 1-2 times per week

Hint: At this point, your workout should be a total of 35-40 minutes, including the warm-up. The Interval portion of your training should only be performed for a total of 30 minutes to prevent loss of lean muscle mass. You may follow this exercise with red fiber training if you would like to extend your workout duration.

What are some unique ways of performing interval training?

Remember, interval training does not have to only include sprinting; there are many fun ways to switch up your routine with this fat blasting exercise! Just follow the basic protocol above by spiking and recovering your heart rate.

Sprint on grass, a track or even sand

Climb stadium stairs or use a Step Mill (large revolving staircase) at your local gym

Walk fast and slow on a treadmill set at an incline or in deep sand to recruit maximum muscle fiber

Pedal fast and slow in intervals on a bike, elliptical and other non-impact machines (especially great for weak knees and joints)

Jump rope (to spike heart rate) in combination with walking (to recover heart rate)

Remember, interval training, if performed correctly, is an incredibly effective form of exercise. Have fun with it!

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