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XPT Experience Info

The Lasting Impact of the XPT Fitness Community Workshop

The XPT Certified Coach is a consummate professional and representative of one who seeks the most primitive and powerful methods to enhance human performance, while exemplifying the embodiment of the XPT ideology.  As the team of XPT Certified Coaches continues to grow, so too do your possibilities as a coach to enhance your training repertoire and earning capabilities.

As an XPT Certified Coach, you have a wealth of resources at your disposal, including the ability to host XPT Workshops at your local gym or pool. These workshops are designed for anybody looking to experience the power of XPT’s cutting-edge methods to improve health, performance and longevity.

The common theme has been that the takeaway from both attendees and coaches alike is a powerful one, filled with new experiences, breakthrough performances and bonding moments. Hear from some of our XPT Certified Coaches themselves on the impact (and fun) that was made during Workshops they’ve hosted in their local areas:

“Our first workshop was full of powerful moments. I’m grateful for the team of humans who made it happen and I’m so happy I was able to do it in Houston, my hometown. I’m excited to continue this momentum and create some fun events in Denver this summer! Keep your eyes peeled for more information.” – Amy Shenk Morrison – XPT Certified Coach, Denver

“20 of us gathered from 4 different states to practice the Breathwork, Land and Pool Workouts and Ice and Heat Recovery of XPT at the inaugural XPT Workshop on the East Coast. This crew: beautifully diverse. Equally powerful. This is just the beginning. Much more to come!” – Lindsay Ashmun, Kimmy Moss & Fabian Kuttner – XPT Certified Coaches, NYC

“Everyone did an incredible job regulating themselves in the ice and heat. It was the first time for everyone and I am incredibly impressed with the younger ones who not only went in once, but came back for the 2nd round!” – Lindsay Ashmun – XPT Certified Coach, NYC

In addition to the beneficial skills and income you can earn from hosting XPT Workshops, often times there is a social and mainstream media benefit as well. Along with the organic media generated from coaches, corporate, gym and participant social media channels, occasionally lifestyle and mainstream media outlets show interest in our events as well. Check out a very impressive spread XPT received in the November 2018 issue of Men’s Health featuring a recent XPT Workshop hosted in New York City at Chelsea Piers Fitness by XPT Certified Coaches Josh Fly, Lindsay Ashmun and Fabian Kuttner.

To host an XPT Workshop of your own, you can join the ever growing team of XPT Certified Coaches by registering for a course in your area:

Additionally, if you own or belong to a gym that you think would be a perfect fit to host an XPT Workshop you can contact us at to request a Workshop be brought to your area and we will send one of our XPT Certified Coaches to you to lead the Workshop.

We will push you outside your comfort zone and teach a handful of new tools to improve your health and fitness that can be immediately applied to your daily life. We can’t wait to see you at an XPT Workshop soon!

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