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This Week’s Challenge: Resistant Starches Go Bananas


Let's talk bananas.

Bananas year-round as quick fuel before, during or after training.

At the supermarket, we often look for the brightest yellow bunch on display. These offer a quickly processed and absorbed source of nature-made sugar and potassium – ideal fuel for working muscles.

But for this week's XPT Challenge, we challenge you to drop a few green bananas in your shopping cart. Why? Unlike their older siblings, under-ripe bananas are a valuable source of resistant starch. When consumed, resistant starches are slow-moving and less readily absorbed by our system. This is useful post-workout or between meals – when we want to stabilize blood sugar levels, stay satisfied and control cravings. Eaten alone, they’re not too tasty, but they blend well into smoothies and warm or chilled cereals. Go green with your bananas this week and let us know if you notice a change in your appetite or energy levels.

We want to hear from you!  Share the young banana recipe that works for you in a comment below.

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