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This Week’s Challenge: Sit Down

Yes, we like everything about stand-up, but this week we’re planning to sit down – at least when it’s time to eat. 

When life gets busy, meals and snacks blend in with the other tasks on our to-do list.  Often, we grab nibbles standing at the kitchen counter, in the office break room, the sidelines of our kids sporting events, and even the supermarket check-out.  Under these rushed circumstances, it’s easy to eat when we aren’t even hungry, grab more indulgent foods, or consume more than required to feel politely satisfied. 

And guess what?  It’s also more difficult for the GI tract to process the nutrition it receives. 

So, for all other parts of your day, please stand, walk, and move.  But for eating opportunities, set a few extra minutes asid.  Find a chair and table (in a dining setting – rather than a desk or a car)  or even a spot on the floor (the yogic asana position is understood to support digestion).  Then sit yourself down and dedicate your time and attention to your meal.  Taste, chew, swallow, pay attention to hunger and fullness cues, and enjoy.

#takeaseatwhenyoueat #singletask #feelyourmeal

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