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Turn Your Intentions into Actions

As I get older, I become more and more connected to the role that intentions and actions play in everything. I heard a liberating statistic: No matter what you do, 30 percent of the people will love it, 30 percent will hate it, 30 percent won't care and the other 10 percent won't even get involved on any level.

Why is this liberating? I think a lot of us run around trying to please one another and, to our dismay, find that we are not able to achieve this. After writing these entries that are meant to be a platform to share and exchange information, I find that people have really specific and different reactions. But what can you do?

First, figure out how to turn your intentions into actions. Everyone has their own way. Some individuals find that if they pray about the intention, then the way that the action is meant to be approached becomes known. Others like to write down the intention in the way of a goal and then start the task of pursuing the end goal.

Often times the intention of a group will become a collective action. Within that group, each individual may put their own spin on achieving the action, but they still are a part of a whole. I even know a specific and small group of people who can say "I'm making this change," and boom there is the new action. I have seen this with people who make a life change with their nutrition and exercise and some with drinking alcohol.

Those people have a different kind of will.

No matter which way you choose, I believe it has to start with the "why." What is your intention based on and why do you want to turn it into an action? If this is something that looks good from all angles, then it's time to figure out how to turn it into an action. Do you need to go at it alone, or would you prefer the support of a group or loved ones? Find a real strategy that reflects who you are.

At the end of the day, there is always the good old-fashioned "force it until it becomes a habit" method. Personally, I have done this with wheat products and sugar. Did I really want to give them up? No way! Was it life and death? Nah. Did I want to do it to make an improvement in my overall health? Yes. So I had to make a decision and then stick to the decision. Once I practiced this for 30 days, it became a new habit that I was able to develop by choosing and sticking to my choices. Did I occasional fall off the wagon? Of course, but I didn't allow it to derail me from the intention of avoiding foods with sugar and wheat.

Lastly, I truly believe in living life unselfishly in so many ways, but if you are considering making an intention into an action (especially regarding your health), do it for selfish reasons. Now, if you have a family and the thought of missing your child's graduation helps inspire you to make the intention an action, then great. But in the end, do it for You.

Don't just be out there complaining about what you don't like or how you want to change this and that in your life. Take a moment and think about what you want to change, then day by day get after it. Put that energy into something that will serve you rather than end up just complaining.

My coach in college told me something that means so much more to me now. She said she would do the best that she could when making a decision, and in the end (because she had 12 athletes) she knew some people would be pleased and some would be angry. But she also knew that for sure one person would be happy: Her. Now if that doesn't hit the nail on the head… and remind us of our 30/30/30 rule: At least make yourself happy.

– Gabby Reece

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