Virtual Coaching

Introducing XPT’s Virtual Coaching program, a customized at-home training plan specially designed for you by an XPT Master Coach. Receive hands-on support and guidance from your personal coach who will work with you on adapting the XPT Breathe, Move, Recover practices based on your specific interests and lifestyle.

Choose from one of two Virtual Coaching packages to start your one-on-one training with an XPT Master Coach.

XPT Virtual Coach

Bring your XPT training home with help from your personal XPT Master Coach! It starts with an initial introductory consultation so that you and your coach can get toknow each other better. Once you share all of your goals, dreams and ambitions with your coach, they will customize your training plan around the XPT Breathe, Move, Recover exercises. From there, you’ll get to work and have weekly check-ins with your coach via email or text to make sure you’re on track. Last but not least, you’ll receive a 1-year subscription to the new XPT + App, so no matter where you are, you’re completely dialed in!

XPT Virtual Coach Plus

Similar to the XPT Virtual Coach plan, you’ll receive all of the necessary tools to live a high-performance lifestyle at home, with the guidance of a personal XPT Master Coach! However, this plan is a bit meatier; following your initial introductory consultation with your coach you’ll receive a 4-week custom training plan around theXPT Breathe, Move, Recover, AND Water exercises. You’ll also have unlimited access to your XPT Master Coach via video conferencing, email, text or phone, ongoing program adjustments, and holistic lifestyle support around the XPT pillars of Health and Performance: Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress management, and Connection. The cherry on top, a 1-year subscription to the new XPT + App, so you’re always connected.