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XPT ® Extreme Performance Training ® . Land, Gym, and water workouts combined with breathing and recovery routines for the most effective lifestyle training system ever developed.  

XPT consists of a unique combination of training and lifestyle modalities consisting of breathing routines, functional and high intensity workouts in the gym, on land, in water, along with hormone balancing and rejuvenating Heat, and Ice Recovery routines. It’s a system any athlete or fitness fan can embrace for superior results.

XPT is the first complete fitness lifestyle system containing exceptional workouts and tools for performance level results that extend beyond the physical efforts of calorie burning and strength building. It’s a lifestyle program that includes the components of body, mind, and spirit to keep people closer to their once lost natural ability.

XPT has best in class workouts for fitness and sport developed by world class athletes Laird Hamilton and Gabby Reece and world renowned human performance pioneer Brian Mackenzie. Together they have unified their Training methods and put together a unique blend of training and fun that produce results that will get you more mobil and keep you at the top of your game.

Along with these tried and true workouts they have incorporated their own preparation rituals, and recovery routines into XPT that have helped them maximize performance for sport, for fitness, and for LIFE, setting XPT apart from all other fitness programs._cd28846



Follow this program if you plan to do an XPT Experience (Gets your ready)
Follow this program to feel incredibly balanced, focused, energized, strong and healthy on a daily basis.

Live the XPT lifestyle with XPT founders Gabby Reece, Laird Hamilton & Brian Mackenzie
Pool Training, Performance Breathing™ Sessions, Recovery Routines, Nature Workouts, Gym Workouts, Community Events, Food, Education, Connection




We incorporate pre and post breathing routines and incorporate breathing into workouts. You can do these routines just about anywhere; home, gym, office, outdoors like the beach or a park.

PERFORMANCE BREATHING™ IS A FOUNDATION FOR XPT. It is a fundamental practice we each take for granted every day. It has been talked about since the dawn of man, having a connection to the breath. Most spiritual practices embrace a type of breathing into their every day life, and with good reason.

While we believe every person needs to find something that works best for them, XPT uses aspects of pranyama, ujjayi, for their calming and relaxing effects. Breathing alone can teach anyone how to find a more conscious connection to what it is they are doing. Through consistency and education, we’ve learned about the aspects of how to raise O2 levels in the body and stay ahead of the oxygen debt that occurs with a lot of the training and playing that we do. When we work we use O2 up, and the byproduct of this is CO2. CO2 is expelled through the lungs and the better we learn how to breath, the more efficient we can get at not only absorbing CO2, but also expelling it. Through meditation and training we’ve learned how to sew together a breathing program into our lifestyle program that allows us to push not only the limits of what we’ve done but keep us centered in our purpose.


Breathing Boosts Energy levels
Breathing Strengthens the Immune System
Breathing Elevates Moods
Breathing Detoxifies and Releases Toxins
Breathing Releases Tension & Relieves Pain
Breathing Improves the Nervous System
Breathing Increases Muscle
Breathing Improves Quality of the Blood
Proper Breathing makes the Heart Stronger
Proper Breathing assists in Weight Control
Breathing Improves Cellular Regeneration

We encourage you to learn more about the benefits of breathing…We will be launching or XPT PERFORMANCE BREATHING™ COURSE in Oct of 2016.


Some of us Train for a sport or competition, some of us train so our bodies are strong and healthy, no matter what your reason is for training, training correctly is imperative for long term life performance results.

OUR WORKOUTS consist of functional movements using iron and body weight, they consist of high intensity intervals, they are done on land, in the gym, and in the water to get us back into nature.

We’ve seen the world jump onto the Functional Fitness and CrossFit approach to training. While most of this is great the fact is a lot of people are either leaving the high intensity world or finding themselves fairly broken from not understanding how to navigate it. We have spent a decade in this arena and have seen these movements as diagnostic tools for simply aiding in the lifestyle approach. We are now seeing a transition towards lifestyle, as training all day or training without understanding everything else comes at a cost. Our lifestyle approach is second to none, and can help an extreme athlete, in action sports, an endurance athlete, soccer mom, or the guy who just wants to live a healthy life. We have a long term solution for all.

Our workouts are always followed or preempted by breathing and/or heat-ice recovery routines we have developed. This is what makes XPT different. It’s how you train, what you do before and after, what you eat, how much you sleep: this makes a quality lifestyle. This is XPT.

Under our ‘LIFESTYLE WORKOUTS’ section we provide free XPT Workout System’s (Workouts + Breathing + Recover routines) for you to implement into your life. We encourage you to move once a day: try our workouts, incorporate performance breathing into your fitness and daily life, aim to do heat and ice at least one day a week.

We currently feature 2 new systems  a week.

OUR WORKOUTS: Consist of functional strength and conditioning exercises, high intensity exercises, recovery exercises varying from the gym, the water, out in nature.


We encourage you to find a way to use a sauna as well as an icebath. These recovery methods are not just for professional athletes, they are for everyday people because of their huge health benefits. Click HEAT or ICE to learn about the amazing benefits.

Hot can be a miserable or an enjoyable experience. Miserable when we continue to keep ourselves away from extreme temperatures that our environment tends to provide in the summer months. We do ourselves no favors by regulating temperatures all day and not allowing our bodies to adapt to heat or cold. That said, there is no reason why you can’t be ready for the hot and or humid environments year round, and the benefits are incredible. From giving us the ability to increase plasma volume of the blood (resulting in greater cardiac output), to the release of heat shock proteins (See XPT Advisor Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s reports on HSP & the Sauna here) along with teaching the cardiovascular system to become more elastic, lower heart rates, increased red blood cells and there are a host of other great advantages from hormonal to mental side that the heat provides.


Some physiological adaptations that occur subsequent to acclimation to heat include:
*Improved cardiovascular mechanisms and lower heart rate.
*Lower core body temperature during workload (surprise!)
*Higher sweat rate and sweat sensitivity as a function of increased thermoregulatory control.
*Increased blood flow to skeletal muscle (known as muscle perfusion) and other tissues.
*Reduced rate of glycogen depletion due to improved muscle perfusion.
*Increased red blood cell count (likely via erythropoietin).
*Increased efficiency of oxygen transport to muscles.

There are a few ways of heating up, and we love the sauna. The ability to sweat well is part of the acclimatization to heat and the sauna exposes this very well in an environment that is easy to get comfortable in. The heat can be set fairly high in a non-infrared sauna which allows for quicker response time, where with infrared saunas the heat is a lot lower but you can spend more time in them.

A hot shower can help with heat as well, but it doesn’t work as well as a Jacuzzi or sauna in that running water (although can work real well for the cold) needs to be pretty warm for it to be effective enough for heat acclimation. If you choose the hot shower make sure to integrate with cold as well, and even with sauna or Jacuzzi work as ending on a hot session leaves the body very tired and we’ve seen recovery affected the next day by only using heat. We have a saying here, and it’s “never end on hot”.


…has many of the same values as heat. When properly used the cold is a game changer at regulating hormones, and your bodies adaptation to the cold. If you are someone who is always cold, ice bathing can change this. The cold and ice training we do in XPT is well thought out and progressed so that anyone can adapt to it that wants to. From its ability to help reset the nervous system, to waking you up we feel the cold is a necessary part of anyone’s life.


1. Boost’s your Human Growth Hormone
2. Boost’s your Immune system 300%
3. Increases testosterone in men up to 490%
4. Increases sperm count
5. Increase’s circulation
6. Reduces swelling in joints
7. Burns brown fat in body, takes a lot of energy
to warm your body back up to normal temp.

The cold presents a unique opportunity in that it is not very pleasant very quickly, but feels so incredible when we get done. Why is that? Well turns out there are real mechanisms to cold adaptation those of the nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, and muscular systems. The body’s approach is a trifecta in that we need to:

1. Increase metabolic rate to keep the core warm (protect what is important), and turn up the furnace internally with the release of FFA’s (free form fatty acids) and glucose,

2. Leave what is no longer important – it’s temporary, but the restriction of blood vessels and capillaries in the extremities and even the body teaches elasticity beyond just expanding in heat.

Then 3. Which leads back to 1, when we increase metabolic rate we are also asking areas of the body to vasodilate when we turn up the furnace inside. This allows all the processes of the systems above to work incredibly well.

That said, it is not a 1 stop shop. It requires time and patience. Nobody can just sit in cold water without some form of acclimation to it, so start small, maybe :30 – 1:00 for a couple of rounds with warm water or heat (sauna) between.
Ice Bath

The ice tub or ice bath are very similar in that it’s a tub or bath of water and ice. So it is static. Using either is fine, in fact just using cold water to start is a great beginning and the progressing to using ice down the road will come.


With a SHOWER we enter a different world because of we take the same temperature water in a tub and now run it over our bodies we lose a lot more heat much more rapidly because of a processes known as convection, combined with conduction. In still water (tub or bath) you are loosing just through conduction… As long as you aren’t moving around. So this can be a great alternative where water supply is good and cold.

*Start with 1:00 warm and :30 cold trying to increase over time to a full cold shower where you are bathing and not having to rush through it.

There is no end game here. This should be thought of and used as a long term solution for helping you optimize yourself. The fact that we wrap ourselves in clothing everywhere we go and regulate room temperatures everywhere has proven to weaken our DNA and our natural ability to regulate temperature.


The Ultimate way to experience XPT is to join an XPT Experience. Alone, with a freind, with a spouse, with co-workers. DETAILS


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