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Will It, Do It!

Trying to get motivated to "workout" can be challenging. I have thought about why it’s so hard for us to get going when we know we really need to, and we know we will feel better once it's done. So what’s stopping us?

For starters let's talk about what we are gearing up to do, WORK out. No wonder! That doesn't sound like any fun. Ok, so what about TRAINING? No, not much better. Dancing? Riding? Moving? Gathering? I just think it has to start with how we view our relationship with exercise. It seems as if it's a bit like a kid with vegetables. No matter how much you spice up veggies, or put butter to make them taste yummy, to a kid their still just veggies that you have to gag down if you want a shot of getting up from the table or getting some dessert. Where does this workout dread come from? Is it because it can be hard and sweating may be involved? Sore muscles?

Ahhh, but we all want anti gravity buns and a flat tummy. Maybe it's about reworking it from the end goal back into the training.

1. Make a list of people that you want your physique to look similar to. (Oh, and by the way, don't tear out some airbrushed photo of a 17 year old bikini model – Be realistic to your body type.)

2. How about make another list that contains happy and energized people who seem to be getting it done, and maintain a positive outlook on things.

OK! So, then what? How do you think you are going to make this happen? It's time to stop procrastinating or putting other things in front of your health goals. It's time to become that person on both of your lists. What is stopping you from doing a little work and making an effort? Isn't it worth it? So, if you can't look at the "working out" part and get fired up then you need to focus on how you want to look, feel, live, and, oh yes, what kind of example you want to be.

Before work or on your lunch break don't think, "Oh, I have to go workout." Instead, put that image of yourself and focus on that list in your mind. Burn inside with determination to make that happen as you lace up your shoes, and will it. Listen, you can create so much extra energy just by motivating yourself “I will be able to jam through my sessions.” Day in and day out talk to yourself (not at work so you don't get fired, but more like in your car or in the shower) about creating this reality that you desire. Keep putting that desire out there and asking for ways to make it happen to come to you. If we are all cutting back and watching our pennies at the moment then you have some extra time; less shopping and distractions and time to get focused on the really important things. Not ‘more stuff’ but YOU, your health, your family, your work, and you kicking butt. Oh, and by the way that's free! You just have to pay with the discipline currency.


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