XPT 777 Ice Bath Challenge

By XPT Life | Fri Feb 10 2023

This week, February 13-19, the XPT team of founders, coaches, and advisors are participating in XPT 777, and we’re challenging the whole community to join us. That’s 7 days, 7 ice baths (one per day), 7 calm breaths (in each cold exposure). If you're just getting started with ice baths, try for 7 second exhales. And if you're a veteran of the cold, practice 7 second triangle breathing. Don’t have an ice bath? Cold showers are great. It’s all about building a habit, integrating the cold into your routine, and learning to control your mental state.

Make sure to share your experience throughout the week by tagging @xptlife and #XPT777 on social media. And check the XPT Instagram each day for cold exposure insights from our incredible team of experts.

And if you want more coaching, follow along with these guided ice bath breathwork protocols in the XPT Life app.

Ice Bath Breathing: Beginner
Ice Bath Breathing: Intermediate
Ice Bath Breathing: Advanced