XPT App Frequently Asked Questions

At this current time, the XPT App does not interface with the XPT Website or its training portal. Please create a new account.

Please contact us here, and let us know what you’re experiencing!

Our XPT app is ever evolving, and we’re constantly improving our platform. There’s a planned roadmap ahead, however, we’ll incorporate ideas into consideration. Please contact us and share with us your ideas!

We will only be pulling your email address associated with facebook, along with your name.

The privacy policy can be found here.

We are not accepting submissions at this time. However, this is on the roadmap and we’d love to know your interest!

Through the coaching tab, you’re welcome to repeat and restart workouts. However, there is no way to go back to a workout of a previous date for Daily Training.

There is no way to go back to a workout of a previous date for Daily Training.

The XPT App will see constant updates as new workout programs are curated by XPT, and Performance Breathing routines are created.

You will need to stop your XPT+ subscription through your apple account. Here’s a helpful article to guide you through it

XPT+ accounts cannot be transferred from an account to another.

Please contact us at our contact form

Thank you for your interest in the XPT App on Android! We’d love to hear the demand for it. If you’re interested in being notified about any updates on the android version of the app, please contact us at

Don't see your question listed? Ask us directly!