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XPT Book Spotlight: Going Right – A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams by Logan Gelbrich

Los Angeles based, Deuce Gym and XPT have long had a great relationship together, hosting many XPT related events at the gym and being the home to some of our XPT Certified Coaches. Gym Owner and friend of the XPT Family, Logan Gelbrich has just released his newest book, Going Right, which is doing just that on the best-selling charts.

For the first time ever, we have an air-tight case for pursuing your peak expression. Unfortunately, many feel that they must choose between pursuing their dreams or doing what’s reasonable. This case is both compelling and easy to read. Not to mention, the curiosity that drives our founders, Gabby and Laird, is cornerstone in the book.

In our latest XPT Book Spotlight, we’re show casing Logan’s book, which you can purchase today at the link below. Learn more about this well-crafted masterpiece by reading more about it below.

Originally published on AMAZON.COM

Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams is a world-view shattering model of decision-making. In this book, we are offered liberation from our socialized, detached, and unsustainable methods of making life’s most meaningful choices. This is a fresh invitation to integrate our emotional passions, using our rational brain, while remaining grounded in real-world experiences. Gelbrich builds on leading academic theories and exceptional practical illustrations to support his proposed decision-making model. Surprisingly, most adults today, who are privileged enough not to worry about their basic survival needs, operate as if pursuing the loftiest version of themselves poses a threat to their safety and an offense to the social norms of their lives. Many point to the risks of losing their own happiness, the possibility to not providing for themselves and dependents, and the social consequences of chasing down their ideal self-expression to fuel their logic against reaching for something higher. But basing the most meaningful of our choices, our dreams, on assumptions, and predicting the effects of our decisions on our most important obligations is robbing us and our communities of the happiness, our ability to provide for self and others, and social benefits that we find ourselves instinctively protecting in the first place. Going Right explores the essentially grand, utilitarian advantages of an alternative logic and unlocks universal modern truths of pursuing our peak expression. The enduring stoic path of significance presented here leads us to hold greater commitments, practice deep work, remain resilient to adversity, experience moments of creative flow, and curate transferable skills. Whether in the context of relationships, work, or lifestyle, Going Right presents a solid case that braving your evolutionary resistances to continually pursue your dreams is truly the most logical choice you can make.

Get your copy of Going Right today: BUY IT HERE


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