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XPT Experience Info

Cadence Breathing

The XPT Cadence Breathing Pattern introduces the following:

  • The basics of breathing (patterns)
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and nasal breathing (breathing through your belly (the motor that drives) and through your nose, (the vessel)
  • 4 corners of the breath: Inhale, Hold at the top, Exhale, Hold at the bottom. Using the 4 corners of the breath can create a physiological adaptation in your body.

The tempo for Cadence Breathing is 1:1:2:1 which we double the length of the exhale.
In this video they are demonstrating 3 second patterns.
3 seconds inhale, 3 seconds hold, 6 second exhale, 3 second hold at the bottom.

You can sit upright or lay supine – This gives you the best access to your spine (straight spione)
Nasal Inhale for 3
Hold for 3
Slow Exhale for 6
Hold at the bottom for 3

It’s suggested to repeat this pattern for 10-15 minutes. It should help calm and quiet your mind!

Drive the breath with the belly, keep shoulders and chest relaxed, fill the lungs from the bottom to the top, empty the breath out during the 6 second exhale.

Use the lower hand to ensure your lower belly expands, use you upper hand on top and it should not have much movement.

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