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XPT Experience Info

XPT Certified Coach Spotlight: Josh Fly

Name: Josh Fly

Age: 38

Hometown: Born- Evergreen, CO / Live- New York City, NY

Business/Gym: Team World Vision- Invitational Representative & Endurance Coach: I recruit, lead, & train amazing people to run endurance races (and go on epic adventures) around the world to secure child sponsorships for children in Africa & developing countries. Our mission is to end the clean water crisis & bring hope, love, and reasources to people in the farthest reaches of the earth.


Social Media Handles: IG: @jflyfitness



My goal is to help usher people into telling bigger & more amazing stories with their lives by helping them unlock their own potential with an integrated approach to faith, fitness, & lifestyle. Simply put, I want to help good people go from where they are to where they want to be.

What made you want to become an XPT Certified Coach?

By the recommendation from a dear friend & client. She told me that the founders, influencers and community around XPT are ‘my tribe’ of people & she was right. People doing things for the right reasons and producing real results.  I have tremendous respect for the all those that have influenced this movement & I’m honored to be a part of it.

Not to mention that it feels woven into the fabric of my professional mission.  The idea that XPT will further equip me to help people optimize their health, performance, and longevity is directly in line with what I live for.

How has XPT immediately impacted you and/or your clients?

By reminding all of us that when it comes to our health and wellness that ‘our imagination is our only limitation’.  Not only has XPT cultivated a simple, healthy, and sustainable approach to living well- it is rooted in exploration, research, and adapting to whatever environment or circumstances we’re in.  As a coach it is such a privilege to help people get out of their own way by equipping them with the ability to be both versatile and resilient.

 What’s your favorite XPT related tip, discipline, activity, etc. to teach your clients and why?

Breath work.  It is my favorite thing to teach & practice with clients because it is necessary in every area of their workout or life.  This has also been the single most impactful takeaway for everyone I work with.

You recently held an XPT Workshop in NYC that was featured in Men’s Health. Tell us about that experience and the impact it had on the attendees.

Awesome.  The writers, editor, and photographers for Men’s Health were amazing.  Not only are they true students of health & exercise, they were genuinely interested in XPT and all that it is and has to offer.

Hosting workshops is such a special treat as coaches- there is no better way to spend a day with other people than teaching them new things, coaching them through fear, and helping them unlock capacities- physically, emotionally, and sometimes spiritually.  The workshops are transformative and to lead them is a great honor.

 What advice would you give to someone considering becoming certified, attending an Experience or Workshop or anyone considering XPT in general?

Be open to exploring things that challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone.  A good friend of mine always says that “the biggest blessings in our lives live on the other side of fear” and I think XPT reveals this truth.  By way of stepping into this world you will discover capacities within yourself that you didn’t know exist.  The breath work might be uncomfortable, but do it anyway.  The pool work might be scary, but jump in anyway.  The ice might be terrifying, but do it anyway.  On the other side you will see that you are made for more than you previously thought, not to mention feel healthier and more alive than ever.

 Anything else you want to tell XPT? A quote you remember from the Certification? A cool client story? A personal story as it pertains to XPT in your life?

The best quote which also serves as a mission statement of sorts is this: “to help people become the most versatile & resilient human beings possible.” What a beautiful opportunity!

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