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XPT Challenge: Keep it Simple

In this week’s XPT Challenge, Gabby Reece brings it back to the basics.  Gabby reminds us not to get lost in all of the fancy equipment you’ll find at gyms and other facilities these days.  Don’t forget about 3 of the most basic exercises known to man; 3 that are pretty simple, yet super effective.  Pushups, pull ups and squats. These exercises cover a wide range in the body and can be done simply anywhere and at any time.  Don’t forget about the basics when surrounded by too much clutter and craziness at the gym some times.

In addition, Gabby throws in a few nuggets about some interesting learnings from XPT Advisor, Dr. Andy Galpin on old age independence and the three key things it’s reliant on.  We won’t spoil the secrets, so you’ll have to watch the clip below to find out what they are.

Get back to basics this week, as Gabby said and let us know how it’s going to you!  Good luck!

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