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XPT CHALLENGE: No Booze During the Week!

With the big happening later this afternoon, there are bound to be some alcoholic beverages in your future, and that's okay!  But once it's over and Monday and the rest of the week kick in, let's try and heed Gabby's advice in this week's XPT Challenge and lay off the booze during weekdays.

Yes, workdays can be long and hard and nothing sounds better than an ice cold beer or tall glass of wine after a stressful day, but Gabby wants you to resist, at least for this week.  The trouble with the weeknight drinking is, it sometimes tends to lead to even worse habbits (drinking more than just one, binge eating, disfunctinoal sleeping patterns, etc) so to avoid these disruptive habbits and keep your healthy lifestyle on trap, avoid the booze during the week, per Gabby's Challenge.

Enjoy the game, but get serious come Monday.  Let us know how it goes!

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