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XPT CHALLENGE: No Phone Until Coffee

It’s Sunday and that means a new week is ahead. It’s a time to refresh, recharge, and set some new goals for the week to come. XPT Co-Founder, Gabby Reece is back to bring you a new XPT Challenge to keep you motivated to improve your life for the week ahead and beyond.

This week, Gabby’s Challenge again revolves around starting your day off in the right way. In today’s technological age, often times, the first thing we do upon opening our eyes in bed is to reach for that phone sitting on the bedside table. Next thing you know, 20 minutes have passed, you’ve answered 10 text messages, listened to a voicemail and aimlessly scrolled through Instagram checking up on what everyone else was up to last night and how many likes you got on your previous post.  All the while, you’re not breathing properly, your brain is moving a mile a minute and your heart rate is sky rocketing before you even put two feet on solid ground.

Gabby would like to see you change that by leaving that phone in the bedroom until you’ve risen, properly woken up and prepared yourself for the day with a warm cup of coffee or a big glass of water. We have all day to be engaged and distracted by whatever life is bringing us, including technology; Gabby would like to see you ease into it, beginning in a relaxed, mindful environment where you are present and able to properly prepare for the day ahead.

So, per Gabby’s Challenge, let’s keep those phones in our bedrooms until we’ve got a nice cup of coffee ready or you’ve done something for yourself, some kind of activity. If you can’t trust yourself with technology, a helpful hint she gives is to put your phone in airplane mode. Your alarm will still work, but you won’t be tempted by all of the text and social media notifications first thing in the morning.

Watch the clip below for Gabby’s full thoughts, good luck and let us know how it goes!

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