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For roughly two thirds of the day, our eyes are open.  There’s no denying that.  But the real question is, are our eyes REALLY open?  Life can be busy at times.  Regardless of life’s challenges, it is key for us as humans to stop what we’re doing every so often and take a look around.

As an XPT Team, we find ourselves in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, like Malibu and Kauai.  We’re there to put in the hard work for ourselves, our bodies, our minds and ultimately to help you achieve your goals through extreme performance training.  And while the sandy beaches and clear blue water may be all around us, we often realize when we’re done with the day that because of our busy schedules, we never took a chance to actually enjoy life’s beauties all around us.

This week’s challenge is to take a moment, or five, or thirty, or whatever your schedule, your job, your responsibilities will allow.  But make sure it is free from distraction and in a place where you can simply look around.  Notice things you have never noticed before.  Take joy in the small things around you.  Don’t reach for your phone.  Don’t take a picture.  Don’t think about what happened before you stumbled upon this place.  And don't rush back to the world you briefly put on hold, just a few moments ago.  Check out.  Be in the moment. Reflect on the positive.  Breathe deep.  Be inspired.  And take a look around.

Be sure to leave us a note below and tell us a story of how you take a look around and become inspired by your surroundings each day.

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