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XPT Challenge: Take Away Less

Plastic scrap in recycling center prior segration

This week let’s do our part to take away less.

When ordering meals for delivery or “to go” – we often get far more than just food.  Restaurants also provide napkins, containers, utensils, condiments, bags, wrapping, tape, staples, and rubber bands.  Helpful for transport and recreating a dining experience? Yes. Helpful for the planet? Not so much.

Styrofoam and plastic outlive us in landfills or wind up in our water. Biodegradables won’t degrade outside of composting centers.  Even recycled or recyclable products require energy to recycle, and all require energy to manufacture  Instead, opt out of these extras.  Request less packaging.  Bring your own bags.  Decline disposable utensils and napkins and use silverware and table linens from home.

Have another eco-friendly trick?  Share it with us!  Comment below…

Let’s clean up our take out.


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