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XPT Experience Info

XPT CHALLENGE: Ten Minutes in the Morning for Meditation

Often times the drilling, painful sound of our alarm clocks blaring in our ear is the first thing we hear in the morning as we race to get up, get ready for work or hustle off to get the kids to school.  This can be a jarring experience and isn't necessarily the most healthy and effective way to begin anyone's day.

As a result, Gabby Reece is dedicating this week's XPT Challenge to those who could use a little time in the morning to wake up peacefully and spend some quality time meditating or silently thinking.  This can be a very effective way to clear your mind and ease into your day rather than having your anxiety filled thoughts be the first thing you experience in the morning.

Have a listen to Gabby's challenge in the video below and also check out Light Watkins who Gabby likes refer as a great person to introduce meditation to those who aren't necessarily entirely familiar or practiced.

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