XPT Coach of the Week: Amy Shenk Morrison

By XPT Life | Thu Apr 26 2018

  • Name: Amy Shenk Morrison

  • Age: 28

  • Hometown: Denver Co. but originally from Houston, Tx

  • Business/Gym Name: True Core Health 

  • Website:

  • Social Media Handles: @truecorehealth

XPT breathwork with students

XPT: Nice to meet you, Amy Shenk Morrison! Tell us about yourself!

ASM: I am a holistic health specialist! I am proud to now combine my background in mental health with my coaching certificate from XPT. I utilize information from my counseling background, combined with XPT coaching, to best serve my clients and students. I love to coach others to become their best selves.

I relax and restore myself through spending time outdoors, traveling, or through reading and writing in a local coffee shop.

Amy Shenk Morrison

XPT: What’s your favorite XPT-related tip, discipline, or activity, to teach your clients?

ASM: I love utilizing breathwork with my clients. So many people are unfamiliar with improving their breathing, so I love seeing the look on their faces when they actually get how important it is.

Smiling women ice bath

XPT: How has XPT impacted you and/or your clients? Give us some success stories!

ASM: XPT has completely changed the way I think about human growth and potential. I am continually challenged to become a better version of myself through the connections I have made with XPT. The XPT community is unlike anything I have experienced. I am encouraged to better myself because of the passion for excellence that is emphasized throughout the company. This emphasis trickles down to my own clients and they are better because I am always working to improve myself. Using personal growth to encourage growth in others is the foundation of a lot of my success stories.

Ice bath therapy

XPT: Tell us something that stands out in your mind about XPT. A quote you remember from Certifications? A cool client story? A personal story as it pertains to XPT in your life?

ASM: My favorite quote from training is one that’s emphasized by PJ. It’s a quote from Laird and it’s so simple, yet so powerful: “Don’t be a liability.” I am inspired to train myself mentally, spiritually, and physically through this quote.

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