XPT Coach of the Week: Fabian Kuttner

By PJ Nestler | Tue May 15 2018

·      Name: Fabian Kuttner  

·      Age: 43

·      Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

·      Business/Gym Name: The Whole Man

·      Website:

·      Social Media Handles:

Fabian Kuttner is a life coach based in Charlottesville, Virginia. He holds a master’s degree in Somatic Psychology with training in Traumatic Resolution. Fabian utilizes his varied expertise in business relations, conflict resolution, athletic training, and Buddhist philosophy/meditation in his coaching practice and facilitation of men’s groups.

Outside of his coaching practice, Fabian can be found skiing mountains, piloting his tandem paraglider, parenting his children, and leading a weekly ice/heat ritual with his hand-built Mobile Exposure Unit at his family’s farm. Fabian became a certified XPT coach in March 2018.

XPT: Great to talk with you! Tell us a little about yourself.

FK: My work is in supporting people in finding out how incredible they are and in pushing their boundaries—physically, cognitively, and emotionally. I’ve done so many things in life and relate to so many different experiences; it’s a joy to relate to others. I strive to find the fulcrum of change for people—that point where they see themselves and can readily accept the transformation they have been building themselves up to. Creativity and change are much easier when you know what you want and can see how stagnation once served you; it’s awesome how the discomfort of change tips, and then not changing becomes the greatest agony. Change is easy—it’s getting to the point where you actually want change that’s challenging. I love this life, the growth, and the challenges we get to transform as humans.

Fabian Kuttner skiing

XPT: What’s your favorite XPT-related tip, discipline, or activity to teach your clients?

FK: I’ve been breathing my whole life. Learning to control breathing and understanding the nuances of breathing and blood gases has made a huge impact on people. That we have so much more in us as it relates to oxygenation is truly transformative for folks.

Fabian Kuttner going into the sauna

XPT: How has XPT impacted you and/or your clients? Share some success stories!

FK: The greatest impact is in seeing a community of people who, in a calm, sustainable way, are pushing themselves and expanding their limits. There is so much self-aggression in elite fitness that to see a community that is both pushing the boundary while maintaining a healthy, self-caring love for their being is superb. It’s inspiring to be challenged and to expand the horizon of what one can do while maintaining kindness toward oneself. Wakefulness, extreme athleticism, and recovery are rare at the forefront of a fitness philosophy.

Fabian Kuttner barrel sauna

XPT: How were you able to immediately implement XPT learning into your training following certification?

FK: Most immediately was the apnea work. Understanding how the body functions with respect to breathing and implementing the breath holds under water really made a huge shift in training. Also, the notion that we can relax so fast after HIIT training has turned into an awesome resource for people.

Fabian Kuttner

XPT: Anything else you want to tell us? A quote you remember from Certifications? A cool client story? A personal story about XPT in your life? 

FK: “Don’t talk about it, be about it,” is a quote PJ Nestler shared at my certification. I’m really learning this one myself, and to a new level.

The training was the most info I had ever absorbed in such a short time. It took all my fitness know-how, somatic psychology education, and life coaching to the next level.

I love the face on athletes when they get my download on CO2 tolerance and then when they implement the knowledge.

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