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XPT Coach of the Week: Kyler Ishisaki

Name: Kyler Ishisaki

Age: 27

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Business/Gym Name: PerformanceGaines

Social Media Handles: @Coach_ky90


XPT: Introduction – Tell us about yourself:

Kyler Ishisaki: I am a performance coach.  I have worked extensively with athletes for most of my career.  I have more recently been working with corporate wellness – onsite at Facebook’s campus. I have applied all of my experience coaching athletes and combined that with the XPT to provide for all of my clients. Outside of coaching I enjoy the outdoors – more specifically snowboarding in the winters, fishing and surfing (when I can) in the spring and summer as well as photography throughout the year.

XPT: What’s your favorite XPT related tip, discipline, activity, etc. to teach your clients?

KI: I really enjoy incorporating the breath work into all of my programs with my clients. Especially because it is overlooked and under-utilized in both training and life.  Giving them exposure to something so simple, yet so rewarding is awesome to see when become more aware and in-tune with their body.

 XPT: How has XPT impacted you and/or your clients? 

KI: XPT has been an awesome tool for me to use as a coach and a client.  It is something that I have been able to apply for myself and everyone that work with. It has added value to everything that I do, it has changed the way that I coach, program and think.

XPT: What were the ways you were immediately able to implement XPT learnings into your training following your XPT Certification course?

KI: The first thing I applied and emphasized to everyone has been the recovery breathing post-workout and during high-stress situations.  Most of my current clients work in a very fast paced, high stress environment. So giving them tools to be able to calm down and down-regulate has been huge in their performance.

XPT: Anything else you want to tell us? A quote you remember from Certifications? A cool client story?  A personal story as it pertains to XPT in your life? 

KI: One of my favorite moments from a client has been when she made the connection with the quote: “the way you breathe effects the way you move, and the way she move effects the way you breathe”.  After taking her through some exploration breathing and chambered breathing she realized how difficult it was to control where her breath has been coming from and how much of a dysfunction she had with breathing.  She then went to see a physical therapist about some shoulder pain that she has been having, and they too brought up that her breathing was affecting her shoulder, causing her pain.  She then reached out to me with a “Eureka!” moment as she made the connection between breath and movement.

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