XPT Coach of the Week: Meghan Newcomer

By PJ Nestler | Wed Jun 20 2018

XPT: Hey there, Meghan Newcomer! Tell us a little about yourself.

MN: I’ve been coaching athletes ages 5-75 for nearly two decades. I excel at providing personalized, precise training to help athletes optimize their potential physically and mentally. With a background in competitive swimming and triathlon, I’m at home in aquatic environments. I enjoy working with novice athletes, individuals with a focus on improving their health, and athletes who wish to take their racing to the next level.

Meghan Newcomer biking

XPT: What’s your favorite XPT related tip, discipline, or activity, to teach your clients?

MN: I really embrace Breath, Move, and Recover equally. However, I offer a unique ability to teach the in-water strength component of XPT.

XPT: How has XPT impacted you and/or your clients? Share some success stories with us.

MN: XPT has added a new dimension to my physical and mental training. I used the principals when preparing for the World Marathon Challenge and came in second place to the World Record holder. I have started integrating the principles into my athletes’ practice sessions. The swimmers and triathletes are thriving. Prior land-based strength athletes who have previously stayed clear of the pool are starting to dive in too!

Meghan Newcomer World Marathon

XPT: How were you able to immediately implement XPT learnings into your training following your certification course? 

MN: I was able to incorporate BOLT scores and cadence breathing patterns into a run workout the day after my certification. The thermal challenges and water-based strength training took more time and planning, but have been well worth the effort.

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