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XPT Experience Info

XPT Coach Spotlight: Dominic Luke

Name: Dominic Luke

Age: 33

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Business/Gym: Love More Hot Yoga


Social Media Handles: @lovemorehotyoga &


XPT: Tell us about yourself:

DL: I am a former Special Operations Pararescueman or (PJ). I got certified as an XPT coach in 2018 along with getting certified as a 200 hr RYT yoga instructor. My passion is to teach people how to connect with themselves internally, and help guide them on their journey to human performance optimization.

XPT: What made you want to become an XPT Certified Coach?

DL: The philosophy and research behind the modalities of XPT training are similar to the training I went through in the Special Operations. Additionally, we are building a relationship between The Pararescue Foundation and XPT to ensure that Veterans from the Pararescue Community have access to these modalities and can implement them in their transition from military to civilian life.

XPT: How has XPT immediately impacted you and/or your clients?

 DL: The breathing techniques and practices learned through XPT have had an immediate impact in my daily life as well as within the classes I teach to my clients. It has allowed me to navigate the transition from military back to civilian life and given me different options to overcome the struggles I have had during that transition.

XPT: What’s your favorite XPT related tip, discipline, activity, etc. to teach your clients and why?

DL: I have deeply connected with teaching my clients the proper way to breathe and how to manage their breath through all facets of their day. Once a person makes the connection to their breath, they are able to connect with themselves on a deeper level internally.

XPT: What advice would you give to someone considering becoming certified, attending an experience or workshop or anyone considering XPT in general?

DL: Don’t be nervous, come with an open mind to learn, and remember to practice. Whether it is breathing techniques, pool training, or contrast therapy, practice gives you the opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself, which can deepen your connection with your coaching techniques.

XPT: Anything else you want to tell XPT? A quote I remember from the Certification? A cool client story? A personal story as it pertains to XPT in my life? 

DL: I believe that XPT is offering people the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. Everyone is different and responds differently to situations. XPT allows someone to learn how to work through his or her own difficulties to become the most versatile and resilient human being, and it all starts with the breath.

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