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XPT Experience Info

XPT Coach Spotlight: Meghan Toemmes

Name: Meghan Toemmes

Age: 35

Hometown: Miami, Fl 

Business/Gym: Energy Endurance Lab


Social Media Handles: @tricoachmeg



I own an indoor triathlon training studio in Miami and have been a coach for over 12 years. Ive always focused on holistic training, coaching the whole person, breathing, moving and my number one non-negotiable has always been sleep! I love endurance sports and guiding people to find their inner athlete. 

How did you get turned on to XPT in the first place?

I had been looking at XPT for months and then my friend Jesse Ohlinger, creator of The Breath Belt, suggested it would be cool to add to my breath practice, so I knew it was a sign. 

What made you want to become an XPT Certified Coach?

It seemed to align with what I was already doing with clients and wanted to take my breath work to the next level.

As a triathlon, swimming and cycling coach, there are some pretty unique crossovers with what XPT is all about. How has this related directly to your specific type of athletic training?

XPT allows me to help my athletes focus on their recovery and add pool workouts that are fun and don’t add to their fatigue stats. 

How has XPT immediately impacted you and/or your clients?

XPT gave me a new framework to utilize breath techniques that immediately changed mindset, focus, and sleep quality for clients. 

What’s your favorite XPT related tip, discipline, activity, etc. to teach your clients and why?

It may seem silly but what really stuck with me was Gabby saying, “the air is on top and there is always time”. It has become a constant in both my cues during open water swims and in pool workouts. 

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming certified, attending an experience or workshop or anyone considering XPT in general? 

Not only should you do it, but go all in. Just make sure you warn your clients, friends and family that you’ll never let them breathe the same way again! You feel like a part of the XPT family straight away. You’ll meet like-minded people, be coached by the best in the industry and feel the presence of what Laird and Gabby have created.

You also recently attended the new XPT Water Pro course. How was that?

After my XPT Cert, both my husband and I signed up for Water Pro. The XPT Coach Cert may have opened my mind to a whole new world, but Water Pro changed me as a human, absolute, total game changer. I updated my lifeguard cert right away and continue weekly practice on the skills I still need to refine. It reminds you how much potential you have and how much you can grow, change and share with others. 

Anything else you want to tell XPT? A quote I remember from the Certification? A cool client story? A personal story as it pertains to XPT in my life? 

My client Paloma completed XPT pool sessions up until 1 day before she gave birth and she loved how she was still able to work as an athlete but feel weightless!

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