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XPT Experience Info

XPT Coach Spotlight: Shanti Tilling

Name: Shanti Tilling

Age: 44

Hometown: Punta de Mita, Mexico

Business/Gym: Sweat Play Live


Social Media Handles: @sweatplaylive


XPT: Tell us about yourself:

 Shanti Tilling: Hola! I have been a full-time personal trainer for the last 22 years. My passion is inspiring people to be strong for what they love to do and helping them create their own healthy, active lives.  Although the foundation of my career is based on physical movement, I believe that true health is acquired from the INSIDE out –  that emotional growth occurs when one steps outside their physical and mental comfort zones. I am also an outdoor fitness junkie and have cycled, ran, hiked, climbed, paddled, and surfed all over the world. My love for adventurous travel combined with my passion for fitness led me to create Sweat Play Live fitness retreats based out of Punta de Mita, Mexico.

XPT: What made you want to become an XPT Certified Coach?

 ST: I have been a following Gabby and Laird’s careers for at least 15 years and respect the fact that they are constantly seeking out cutting edge tools to enhance performance on both a physical and mental level. I live and breathe holistic health, movement and the outdoor lifestyle, and the XPT certification is the perfect fit for me.

 XPT: How has XPT immediately impacted you and/or your clients?

 ST: The breathwork is absolutely the foundation for everything. Learning proper breathing mechanics and understanding how to use our breath to control our mental and physical energy is probably the most important principle one can adopt. It is a relatively simple technique that can be used anywhere and by anyone. Personally, switching from mouth breathing to nasal breathing has been a total game changer. Just like any other new skill, it took a couple weeks of practice and focused effort to make it habit. But now I am able to ride, run and even sprint (!) primarily nasal breathing.

XPT: What’s your favorite XPT related tip, discipline, activity, etc. to teach your clients and why?

 ST: I absolutely love the water workouts. As someone who has spent years over training and beating down my body, I enjoy the intensity and mental challenge without the impact on my joints. The water also teaches you to relax and surrender. The more you fight or struggle in the water, the more oxygen and energy you will waste. I have just recently started teaching shallow water workouts and my students and I have already noticed a difference in our maximum breath holds – which is especially important for our ocean hobbies such as surfing and free diving.

XPT: What advice would you give to someone considering becoming certified, attending an experience or workshop or anyone considering XPT in general?

ST: Just do it! The XPT team is a wealth of wellness knowledge. Whether you are just looking to enhance your own health or those of your clients, you will absolutely walk away with applicable tools you can apply right away!

XPT: Anything else you want to tell XPT? A quote I remember from the Certification? A cool client story? A personal story as it pertains to XPT in my life?

ST: Laird has a saying, “slow is smooth, and smooth is fast,” when moving in the water. I think that principle also carries over to our daily lives. Many of us are trying to cram so much into our days – balancing work, family, and social life. When we feel stressed or overwhelmed, there is a tendency to rush and we are stuck in a constant state of struggle – fight or flight mode. If you can slow down, connect with your breath to calm your body and mind, you can maintain focus and ultimately make better life decisions.


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