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XPT Experience Info

XPT Experience Reflections from Ken Eichner

An XPT Spotlight on Ken Eichner, age 62, from Denver, CO. 

Ken is a father, husband, and high-profile criminal defense attorney. He has owned his own law firm for twenty-years ( He loves cycling, yoga, body-building, hiking and surfing.


XPT: What was the most important takeaway(s) from your XPT Experience?

Ken: The takeaways are endless, but to name a few: how fitness can mitigate stress, the magic of working out in a group setting with like-minded people and how breathing is the essence of life.

XPT: How has what you learned at the XPT Experience been applicable to someone with a stressful job like yourself?

Ken: I find myself more tuned into my posture, my breath, my balance. I’m pushing it harder but recovering quicker.  XPT gave me a variety of new tools to mitigate stress, and reminded me that we need certain challenges to push us forward.

XPT: Can you comment on the sense of bonding you witnessed or felt during your XPT Experience?

Ken: I found everyone in the group to be a great hang. The leaders Gabby, Laird, Brian McKenzie, and Kelly Starrett were fabulous as well as the participants. There was a real sense of Tribe.


XPT: Did the XPT Experience challenge you to do things you thought you couldn’t or that were out of your comfort zone?

Ken: I never dreamed I would like an ice bath, much less get into a tub of thirty-three degree water. It was also counter-intuitive to think I would get into the deep end of a pool with heavy weights but it was great training.  I was pushed out of my comfort zone but had plenty of support.

XPT: Was there a discipline or activity that you enjoyed learning about the most and why?

Ken: I found the session on balance taught by Kelly Starrett to be absolutely fascinating and changed the way I exercise. Also, paddle boarding in Kauai was epic.

XPT: Is there a quote or moment you remember specifically from your XPT Experience you can share?

Ken: Gabby Reece really embodies the notion of how important it is to be the first to be curious, the first to smile, the first to be friendly, the first to lean-in to the moment. It’s contagious.


XPT: Would you recommend an XPT Experience to others and if so, why?

Ken: There’s an old expression about life: “You will never remember what you bought and you will never forget what you did.” This adventure lit a bonfire in me and I highly recommend it.



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