XPT Performance Breathing® Techniques | Activate, Perform, Reset

By PJ Nestler | Fri Apr 27 2018

XPT's Performance Breathing® program includes methods under our system of Activate, Perform, and Reset. Each step is imperative in a complete breathing cycle and key to all breathing techniques to improve performance. Below, we cover the first essential step in our performance breathing program: Activate. 

All the breathing techniques for performance we develop at XPT come from years of exploration, research, and application. We continue to develop routines not only for ourselves to use in fitness, sport, and daily life, but also to share with the world. We believe breathing is the essence of life and our most valuable asset. 


Activate methods teach the basics of breathing, helping athletes understand the importance of taking a breath and sustaining breathing patterns. They stimulate the nervous system and warm up the lungs.

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