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XPT Post Workout Recovery – Best Breathing Exercises


Use this post recovery workout of best breathing exercise to cool down and get into rest and digest recovery state before you leave the gym or after any stressful situation!

This breathing method is used to take you out of a stressful state.
It’s a down regulator – it will create a parasymathic response.
Most people don’t get into a recovery state right after a workout, they stay in a sympathetic response (high stress).
Use this routine after every workout to help your body recover.

After an Intense Workout / or Situation…
Lay down supine
Put feet up on a wall or box – knees at 90 degree angle
Keep spine flat
Cover your eyes if you can

Nose Breathing Only
Temp: 1:2 | 4 second inhale 8 second exhale

Count this cadence in your head. Do for 3-5 minutes

Tip: Keep a hand on your belly to feel your breaths go in and out.

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