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XPT SPOTLIGHT: Kauai Farmacy

Multiple times a year, the XPT Team and it’s guests ascend upon the beautiful Hawaiian Islands for our coveted XPT Experience.  And while the majority of the week is spent going through a gamit of exercises, movement and mobility training, ice and heat recovery training and more, healthy eating and lifestyles are always a focus of the coaches and participants.  With that in mind, a visit to Kauai Farmacy is always on the docket while in Kauai.


Kauai Farmacy is an organically-farmed oasis located in beautiful Kīlauea on the Garden Island of Kaua’i founded by Doug and Genna Wolkon in 2010 where they specialize in tea leaves and other organically grown healthy, nutritious products.  In our latest XPT Spotlight, you’ll get to know Doug and the Kauai Farmacy by reading an exclusive Q&A with the Founder himself.

BONUS: Doug and his Kauai Farmacy Team have generously offered any XPT reader a 10% discount off products on their website ( by using the promo code XPT10 at checkout.  Thanks guys!

Q&A with Doug Wolkon, Co-Founder of Kauai Farmacy

XPT: How did the Kauai Farmacy get started?

Doug: Kauai Farmacy was inspired by our personal healing journeys. After moving to Kauai, now almost 10 years ago, we were introduced to the healing powers of plants. At the time, my wife and I were losing ground in our personal health. We began making freshly-harvested teas from Kauai-grown Mint, Lemon Balm, Noni and Sage; and drinking them throughout the day. Our centers literally came alive after years of dormancy; as I lost an initial 20 pounds in 6 months. We couldn’t help but dream of ways in which we could bring this new-found health and wellness to our community.


XPT: Why did you choose to move to Kauai specifically and set up shop there?

Doug: We grew up in the suburbs of Boston and NYC, and spent our twenties as a financier and designer, respectively. Our highly-driven NYC career paths were clear for a moment; but after some invaluable insights from traveling abroad and personal health struggles, we decided in our early 30’s to veer off, questioning everything that we thought we knew. We were looking for a new way, freer thinkers, authentic healers, and more wild nature. We didn’t really know it at the time, but we had a lot of healing to do; and the healing jungles of Kauai, proved to be the ultimate setting.

XPT: What is the overall mission of Kauai Farmacy?

Doug: To grow the world’s finest herbal medicine; to practice sustainable, organic, closed-loop farming; and to educate people on how to use wholistic plant medicine for optimal balance in their lifestyle.


XPT: What sets Kauai Farmacy apart from other farms?

Doug: We grow our herbs in mineral-rich volcanic Kauai soil. We feed our plants 100% organic matter in almost an entirely, close-loop, bio-dynamic, garden environment. This is in steep contrast to how most commercially-grown herbs and spices are seeded; typically, mono-cropped in rows and rows of a single plant (i.e. global trade of cinnamon and cacao) for thousands of acres; stripping the same vitamins and minerals out of the soil; and in most cases, inevitably requiring the toxic spraying of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Crafting true herbal medicine requires a clear intention of healing from seed to cup.

XPT: What crops do you specialize in and why?

Doug: We grow over 70 varieties of medicinal herbs and spices. We grow these herbs, like cinnamon, allspice, turmeric, ashwagandha, gotu kola and cacao, because we use them in our daily lifestyle. These plants promote endurance, longevity and vitality.


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XPT: What special measures do you take to be eco-friendly and creating organic, pure crops?

Doug: We are a 100% closed-loop, bio-dynamic, fed system. What that means is that everything that we feed our plants and our gardens is derived from our 4-acre farm, with the exception of organic, big tree mulch, that is brought to us from local Kauai tree trimmers (think coconut mulch). We use no machines in our gardens and do everything by hand, including harvesting, digging, feeding, planting, and culling.


XPT: What are some of the health/wellness benefits of tea and tea from some of your specific crops?

Doug: Our teas, superfoods, and salves are grown and designed to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, boost the immune system, and provide essential amino acids to keep the body nourished and pure.

More specifically, we have over 300 pounds of Turmeric and 100 pounds of ginger on the farm. Both powerful root medicines are found in almost all our teas and superfoods. Ashwagandha root (aka Indian Ginseng), which is in our Love Potion tea and Endurance superfood, is reknown for increasing endurance, boosting libido and providing calm energy. Noni leaf is the Polynesian super herb that tonifies the body – found in our Vitalitea, Wellness Tea and Puritea. And comfrey, aka knit-bone, is the miracle plant known to regenerate bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles; which we use to craft our Comfrey salve.


XPT: How do these benefits help those who are very conscious of remaining physically fit (XPT participants)?

Doug: These herbs are the foundation of an alkaline system; and therefor a foundation of one’s health. They promote a balanced system of optimal hydration, rest and nutrition. Those that are very conscious of remaining physically fit will most appreciate the real-life practice of longevity from the plants.

XPT: How did you get connected with Gabby, Laird, & XPT?

Doug: We used to watch Gabby playing volleyball down in Hanalei when we first moved to Kauai. Honestly, superstars don’t really impress us. But Gabby’s aura was nothing short of awe-inspiring. More specifically, our oldest boy is the same age as their youngest girl. They eventually connected at age 3 through mutual friends and shared baby-sitters. Since that time, we have been friends. We are grateful for their support of the farm from the very beginning.


XPT: What does it mean to you to have the XPT Experience crew spend time on your farm while in Kauai?

Doug: The farm was built for unique gatherings like the The XPT Experience crew. To bring the crew directly to the source of these herbal supplements, many of which they have been using their entire life, is a dream come true. The crew will forever be able to identify and connect with these plants, as well as understand how they are grown and crafted into functional healing products.


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