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XPT Experience Info

XPT® Superventilation Breathing

Superventilation Breathing is Part of the XPT Activate Breathing Series

RESULTS: It creates a sympathetic nervous system response (fight or flight respons)
Increases alertness, gets things fired up, increases energy
Mood enhancement, euphhoria, Massive release of adrenaline.

Benefits of a hypoxic reponse during holds (low level of oxygen during holds), and hypocapnic low level of c02

You can sit upright or lay supine – This gives you the best access to your spine (straight spine)

The tempo for Superventilation Breathing is 1:1 which is a very fast breathing pace
1-2 breaths per second
Drive breathing through the diaphram

Version 1: Nasal Inhale / Mouth Out Exhale
Big Inhale through the nose, Relax on the exhale through the mouth
30-50 breaths
Slow your tempo if you start to loose your form and start chest breathing

At the end of 50 breaths take a big inhale and a big exhale and hold the exhale in a relaxed state until you feel an air hunger
Go for a max hold / Goal is 90 seconds but varies per person (ability)
When you reach the end of your hold take a quick breath in and then hold for 10 seconds
then repeat the whole pattern but do version 2…

Version 2: Mouth In / Mouth Out

Repeat for another 3-5 rounds.

You might feel light headed, dizziness, this is normal. This is a result of the change of blood gasses in your body.

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