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XPT Weekly Challenge: Check Your Back

We often start the day with proper posture.  But as we move through our daily activities and the hours roll by, our shoulders begin to hunch and our standing and sitting slip into a slouch.

Just as with any exercise or sport, when form fades, discomfort tends to develop.  So this week, we’re paying attention to alignment with our day-to-day tasks. Here are some tips:

1. Use a lumbar support pillow to remind you of how your back should feel for the first few days and then remove it for the last few days to gauge the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

2. Set a mid-morning or mid-afternoon reminder on your mobile or your computer to check your positioning.

3. Ask a work-station neighbor, family member or partner to keep an eye on the straightness (or curvature) of your back.

4. Try a few our XPT’s daily training exercises for back- or core muscles to help you solidify the correct form. Click here for XPT Daily Trainings.

Have a favorite move or a lifestyle adjustment that’s brought your spine back in line?  Share with us in a comment…

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