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XPT Experience Info


When you refer someone to get Certified: -You may gi...


Click on the link below to download this manual: XPT...

XPT BenefitsXPT Benefits

  OVERVIEW XPT is a performance lifestyle desig...

XPT Payment ProcessXPT Payment Process

  At least 3 weeks prior to any event, please.....

BREATHING – Box Breathing 3-3-3-3BREATHING – Box Breathing 3-3-3-3

BREATHING – Cadence 1:1:2:1BREATHING – Cadence 1:1:2:1

BREATHING – SuperventilationBREATHING – Superventilation

BREATHING – Intra-workout Recovery BreathingBREATHING – Intra-workout Recovery Breathing

BREATHING – Post Workout Recovery BreathingBREATHING – Post Workout Recovery Breathing

BREATHING – Downshift ApneaBREATHING – Downshift Apnea

BREATHING – Bedtime ProtocolBREATHING – Bedtime Protocol

Sample Beach-Sand WorkoutSample Beach-Sand Workout

This workout is best done with a partner, for suppor...

Exploration Breathing Session 1Exploration Breathing Session 1

XPT Performance Breathing Sample Session 1 Primary T...

Exploration Breathing Session 2Exploration Breathing Session 2

XPT Performance Breathing Session 2 Primary Teaching...

Water Programming PrinciplesWater Programming Principles

Programming Principles When using XPT Shallow water ...

Shallow-Loaded | Beginner 1Shallow-Loaded | Beginner 1

Shallow-Loaded | Beginner 2Shallow-Loaded | Beginner 2

Shallow-Loaded | Beginner 3Shallow-Loaded | Beginner 3

Shallow-Loaded | Int 1Shallow-Loaded | Int 1

Shallow-Loaded | Int 2Shallow-Loaded | Int 2

Shallow-Loaded | Int 3Shallow-Loaded | Int 3

Shallow-Loaded | Adv 1Shallow-Loaded | Adv 1

Shallow-Loaded | Adv 2Shallow-Loaded | Adv 2

Shallow-Loaded | Adv 3Shallow-Loaded | Adv 3

Daily Training OverviewDaily Training Overview

DT – NatureDT – Nature

DT – GymDT – Gym

DT – IntensityDT – Intensity

DT – ExposureDT – Exposure

Skater Squat JumpsSkater Squat Jumps

 Beginner weight: unloaded-10lb            .....

Leg SwingsLeg Swings

 Benefits Hip abductor/adductor strength and muscl...

Flutter KicksFlutter Kicks

Benefits Hip flexor and core strength and muscle end...

Hip RotationsHip Rotations

Benefits Core strength and muscle endurance. High me...

Arm SprintsArm Sprints

Benefits Shoulder strength and muscle endurance. Hig...

Sprint StridersSprint Striders

Benefits Hip flexor and extensor strength and muscle...

In-Out HopsIn-Out Hops

Benefits Hip abductor strength and muscle endurance....

Butt KicksButt Kicks

Benefits Hamstring strength and muscle endurance. Hi...

High KneesHigh Knees

Benefits Hip flexor strength and muscle endurance. H...

Upper CutsUpper Cuts

Benefits Upper body strength and muscle endurance. H...

Straight PunchesStraight Punches

Benefits Upper body strength and muscle endurance. H...

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